Monday, February 21, 2005

Cold no more

so this is a follow-up to my last post regarding the potential Cold that I could feel coming on.
the day i started to feel the scratchy throat, exhausted, run down, and light-headed, i went home and slept. i drank fluids that help ward off these crazy illnesses that overwhelm our society this time of year.

my regimen:
miso soup - warm, tasty and wonderful, available as freeze-dried or from the local japanese restaurant. high in soy nutrients.

emer'gen-c - high levels of vitamin C (1000mg/serving) in great flavors like tangerine or raspberry

green tea in the morning - known for its health improvement qualities, Green Tea and Human Health. it also has a good amount of caffiene

clementine oranges, fruits, vegetables - what can i say, eating crates of them will word off a multitude of health problems. eat lots of fruits and vegetables closer to raw form.

echinacea - yes, i've found it works quite well "when used at the first sign of a cold or flu". i wouldn't recommend it after one has the cold as it does seem to prolong it in my experience. i have a tablet formula from a german apothecary, which i'm sure one can find in the states. don't get the dried version, go with the white tablet. and take it in the morning, first thing. it's recommeneded that you not take it with vitamin C, nor to take it regularly when you're not sick. it is an immune system booster and that needs to be considered.

rest - early to bed, early to bed, early to bed. sleep and rest really will help one overcome quite a bit

wash your hands when coworkers or friends are sick, or after you come in from a public place. mom was right on this one!

that's it. nothing ground-breaking but it definitely works!


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