Monday, January 03, 2005

with the Dawn of a New Year, a New Vibe

i Realized on a trip to Canada over our winter break from work (my husband and mine's employer gives us the entire week between Christmas and New Year's off, plus dec. 24, paid, but that's a Discussion For Another Entry), that though we're not looking to relocate to the north because of the recent elections, i am intrigued by their obvious Concern For The Environment and Interest in Preserving their section of the northern hemisphere as much as they have control over.

in the forefront of my somewhat limited exposure as a Tourist (i've been north of the border more than once) i noticed the Individual Choices Canadians were making when it came to Vehicle. i was amazed that so many of the cars that flew by our 24-city/29-hwy MPG Rav 4 on I-20 were, for the most part, on the Greener Cars list. Sure there was the occassional Gas Guzzler, but unfortunately most of them had, ahem, US plates.


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