Tuesday, February 15, 2005

waiting for the Cold

not the temperature, but the onslaught of what will be me missing days of productivity, feeling like a smear on the landscape, one coughing, hacking, sneezing, mess of mucuous. yes, i can feel the Cold that everyone around me the past few days has attempted to give me. not that they intend to, it's just the nature of the Cold & Flu season.

take for instance, my hairdresser, whom i spent about 1.5 hours with on friday, who coughing, though directed away from me, kept wiping her nose, then was touching my hair ... no she wasn't TRYING to give anyone her Cold, but she should have postponed my appointment and spared me and any other customers the issue of getting needlessly sick.

or the home inspector, who called us 15 mins. before we were to meet, to tell us that he was feeling the Flu coming on but insisted that he "was up to it", and with the way home inspections need to be completed within 14 days of the bid being accepted, we were needless to say in a jam with his busy schedule.

nor was the loan originator whom we met with just before the home inspector TRYING to give us the Cold - she had been out sick with it all week.

not to mention my coworkers - it think i'm the only one left in our 5 person office to be tempted by this fate.

don't you wish those who are sick would just stay home?

so here i sit, feeling the oncoming Cold, but I will not accept the usual fate. i am fighting it tooth and nail, with Echinacea, Liquids and plenty of Sleep. i can feel, this is going to be quite a fight.


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